About us

The patient in control of his own recovery progress and the ability for self-management is of great importance for Range of Monitor. Besides that, the current technology in healthcare is increasing and we think that physiotherapists can’t ignore the development in the use of E-health. Range of Monitor aims to produce innovative, inexpensive and easy E-health which will provide the patient more self-management.


Range of monitor was founded in the summer of 2016 by three physiotherapists. Medio 2015 the idea to develop a smartphone app which enables the physiotherapist to measure the range of motion easily and accurately was born. The VOF was founded after being part of the Student Company program by ‘Jong Ondernemen’, in which Range of Monitor was proclaimed Dutch Student Company of the year 2016. At the start of 2017 a fourth partner has joined Range of Monitor to focus on marketing and communication.   


The first app developed by Range of Monitor can be used to give insight in the range of motion from the knee, shoulder and cervical spine. Development and scientific research is in motion to extent and validate the app.

Lisanne van Lent
CEO & Co-founder
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Debbie Loeters
CFO & Co-founder
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Marijke de Leeuwerk
COO & Co-founder
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Daniëlle de Jongh
CMO & Co-partner
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