Finally accurate measuring! The ROM. app is a digital measuring app which measures the range of motion from the knee, shoulder and cervical spine. It monitors the patients recovery.

Measuring and monitoring

The app gives insight in the range of motion and registers the range of motion for each movement.

After measuring the range of motion a graphic is shown for each movement in which you can see the development of movement.



We aim to support and facilitate recovery process. The results can be sent to your e-mail and can be adapted in the patients file.

Start directly with data driven recovery!
Try 15 measurements for free, afterwards €24,99 per joint, per year.

Gewrichten en bewegingen


  • Flexion

  • Extension


  • Flexion

  • Extension

  • Abduction

  • Horizontal abduction

  • Exorotation
    (from abduction 0 degrees)

  • Exorotation 
    (from abduction 90 degrees)

  • Internal rotation 
    (from abduction 90 degrees)

Cervicale spine

  • Flexion

  • Extension

  • Lateroflexion

  • Rotation

  • Flexion Rotationtest


  • Smartphone

  • Sports bracelet (knee and schoulder)

  • Headband (cervical spine)

Technical specifications

Available for iOS and Android


The app measures the movement and range of motion from the knee, shoulder and cervical spine accurately.



With the use of the ROM. app you can monitor the progress in range of motion of the shoulder, knee and cervical spine.


The app is easy and quick to use, you can measure the range of motion within a few minutes.

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