Smartphone app for accurate monitoring of
the movement and the range of motion

To assist the physiotherapist and the patient

The app measures the movement and the range of motion from the knee and the shoulder joint and cervical spine accurately.



With the use of the ROM. app you can monitor the progress in range of motion of the shoulder, knee and cervical spine.


The app is easy and quick to use, you can measure the range of motion within some minutes.

Start directly with data driven recovery!
Try 15 measurements for free, afterwards €24,99 per joint, per year.

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ROM. and research

In collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Arnhem and Nijmegen, research for validity and reliability is being done.


ROM. for the physiotherapy practice

With the use of the app you are able to measure and monitor the progress of the range of motion from the shoulder, knee and cervical spine.

About Range of Monitor

We aim for valid, reliable and manageable E-health products, which help the physiotherapist and the patient to get insight in the recovery and guide them in this process. Besides that, we aim for a good collaboration with the customer to make sure our products match their needs.


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