To guarantee the quality of our apps, Range of Monitor wants to deliver valid, reliable and usable apps only. For this reason attention is payed to the research of the app. Range of Monitor collaborates with the University of Applied Sciences Arnhem and Nijmegen, where they use the validity and the reliability of the ROM. app as thesis subject.


To guarantee and check the manageability a pilot study is done by different experienced physiotherapists, who are testing the app with their own patients. The feedback is used to improve the app and to respond to the market.


Besides research is being done for the ROM. app, Range of Monitor aims that in the future the measurement of the ROM. app can be used in other scientific research projects.

“I think the app is super! I think that it starts a new revolution within the physiotherapy. It is the start of something big”

Joost van Wijchen, Fysiotherapist - MSc

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